Fly On / Live On is available at iTunes or on Spotify.

1. She’s Getting To My Head (Randy Pavlock) (BMI)
2. Don’t Go (Randy Pavlock/Per Kenneth Hauan) (BMI/TONO)
3. Love Struck Baby (Stevie Ray Vaughan) (Wixen Music Publishing)
4. Heartbreak (Randy Pavlock) (BMI)
5. Fly On (Randy Pavlock) (BMI)
6. When I Breathe (Lars Vad) (Tono/Sonor Records)
7. I May Be Bluffing (Randy Pavlock/Jim Paris) (BMI)
8. Broken Heart (Randy Pavlock) (BMI)
9. Stew Somethin’ (Randy Pavlock) (BMI)
10. Shake For Me (Willie Dixon) (BMG Bumblebee)

Transformation opens with a Buddy Guy song called Come See About Me and ten original songs. Roger Allen of KGSR-FM 93.3 in Austin, Texas, says “this CD is HOT!”

1. Come See About Me (B Guy) (BMI)
2. Street Walking (L Vad/ R Pavlock) (BMI/TONO)
3. Transformation (R Pavlock) (BMI)
4. I Wash My Hands Of It (R Pavlock) (BMI)
5. Mistreated (L Vad) (BMI/TONO)
6. Drivin’ Home (R Pavlock) (BMI)
7. Shotgun Wedding (R Pavlock / D Long) (BMI)
8. This Life I’m Living (W Rose / R Pavlock) (BMI)
9. Price I Pay (R Pavlock) (BMI)
10. Act The Way We Drive (R Pavlock) (BMI)
11. Dreamer (R Pavlock) (BMI)

The 2008 Miles To Go album is a tribute to legendary heroes and mentors that have inspired RP and TFS throughout their musical careers. Appearing on Hey Joe is friend and legendary artist, the late Buddy Miles, who has performed in the Band of Gypsys with Jimi HendrixCarlos Santana, The Buddy Miles Express and many more.

1. I’m Crazy (R Pavlock) (BMI)
2. Prison Land (R Pavlock) (BMI)
3. Cold Cold Feeling (J Robinson) (ASCAP)
4. Miles To Go (R Pavlock) (BMI)
5. Side Tracked (F King, S Thompson) (BMI)
6. All The Things (R Pavlock) (BMI)
7. Breaking Up Somebody’s Home (J Jr Matthews) (BMI)
8. Where I’m Going (R Pavlock) (BMI)
9. Hey Joe w/ Buddy Miles (B Roberts) (BMI)